Finns Law - It's a thing!

Guess what? Finn's Law made it through parliament yesterday! We were on the second reading as the first was objected by Sir Christopher Chope. This time we got silence (no objections) then a round of applause!

Finns Law now heads to committee stage which from what we understand should just be a matter of formality. We are hopeful that Finns Law could be officialy in place within the next few months.


PC Dave Wardell said:

“Today marks the end of a horrendous journey that started for me in October 2016, when my best friend and police dog was stabbed twice while detaining a criminal. I held Finn in my arms trying to stop the bleeding while rushing to the vets - I feared that I was going to lose him before we could get there.

“Finn was just doing his job as a Police Dog and didn’t deserve to be attacked, these animals work as hard as any police officer and often we ask them to deal with the very worst and most dangerous elements of policing. They put their lives on the line to protect us and the general public.

"The only offence that Finn’s attacker could be charged with was Criminal Damage, he is not a piece of property, he is my loyal police partner and best friend. This had to be changed, I spurred myself into action and started a campaign to change the law to protect these incredible animals.

“Along with my local MP Sir Oliver Heald we were able to get traction and gained the support of the public and our Government. Today I’m delighted to announce we are over a major hurdle to get Finns Law into place. 

“I would like to personally thank every single person that signed the petition, supported the campaign and lobbied their MP to support Finns Law - we’ve done it together as a team. 

"I can now finally take a step back and reflect on these past few months knowing that we have now offered some protection to these amazing Police Dogs who are out there 24 hours a day protecting our community. Just like PD Axle who was stabbed four times just yesterday. I have personally offered my support to his handler who informs me he is recovering well.

“I would like to also say a huge thank you to the press for their coverage of Finns Law, you have all been an integral part of ensuring the bill was supported today."

Sebastian Ellis