Fabulous news for Finn and German Shepherd Rescue Elite

Hello, it’s Fabulous Finn here with some exciting news.

Today we can announce that Simon Cowell has made an amazing donation to German Shepherd Rescue Elite following our performance on Britains Got Talent.

Simon gave me lots of cuddles whilst were were on set and he wanted to give something back to the dogs. His generous donation will enable GSRE to help so may dogs in need of homes.

I am the patron for GSRE so when Simon came to ask Dad about how he could help, it was obvious that we should support our charity and asked him to support them too.

German Shepherd Rescue Elite do an amazing job helping dogs who need new homes and sometimes taking on dogs that that need that extra bit of help before they can go to their forever homes, so this generous donation is going to make the world of difference.

I am so happy right now, I would like to say a massive thank you to Simon Cowell and his team who have been amazing throughout our time at Britains Got Talent and beyond.

I would also like to thank Seb ellis from www.ellis.digital for introducing us, Dad would never have thought about Britains got Talent and the amazing audience if created for Finns Law and GSRE without his help.

Please have a look at www.gsrelite.co.uk to see their amazing work and to donate, also www.finns.store where you can purchase care packages to be sent to the dogs in the kennels to brighten up their day.

Gemma Wardell