Dreams can come true...

Seeing this tweet really touched my heart. It reminded me of when I was a young lad and I had a dream. Dreams were few and far between when I was young and they were usually kicked into touch by my mum.

I had a tricky childhood, I won’t go into that here, but dogs were always there for me as I grew up. Often they gave me a reason to carry on.

When I was about 12 years old I met a Metropolitan Police dog handler at an open day. I wasn’t brave enough to talk to him. I just stood and watched and studied in amazement at the skills the dog and his handler had.

It blew me away how in tune they were with each other, sometimes without saying a word to each other.

That connection, no matter how painfully shy I was, that positive connection with police and policing changed my life for the better.

I really hope this young child gets to meet a police dog handler and their dog and I hope the effect on the pupil and classmates is as profound and positive as it was for me.

For me it’s important that we as the police take the time to make these positive connections wherever we can, whenever time permits. After all if this generation fail to attain #Finnslaw we might just need the next generation to finish our work.




Gemma Wardell